Jessica (misery_chick) wrote in closet_monsters,

Community Banners

For those who saw centeruniverse's entry here I'll just copy and paste it, so that her message isn't lost if she decides to delete her entry, but I can use my paid account to make a nice clicky poll. So the result will be nicely visualized :-)

So, people, it's been a bit quiet in this closet lately...let's spice it up with a competition between two absolutely awesome banners made by our very own misery_chick!!

Option One

Option Two

Vote for your favorite! The winner will be posted within a week, and you all can spam your flist with it!

Poll #416637 Community Banner

Which one's your favourite?

Option 1
Option 2

[EDIT] I really hope it works that all community members can vote, but only those. If anyone cannot vote please leave a comment and I'll change something [/EDIT]
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