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So...I just finished reading a book that I thought other people might have read or be interested in reading. It's called The Ethical Slut, and mainly deals with polyamory (having multiple simultaneous partners), but is also a good reference in simple "how to have relationships with other people".

I thought it was well-written, thoughtful, and full of very good ideas. I don't know if I will eventually decide to be polyamorist or not, but I do support that lifestyle for who ever decides that they want to live that way. I also think that, after homosexuality becomes as accepted as different ethnicities are now, polyamory will be the new front battle of civil rights.

One thing that my experiences in discovering my sexuality drummed into my brain is that it's always a good idea to know the truth about all of your options...even the ones you automatically reject for one reason or another. If only for that reason, I would recommend that all of you read this book, which is one of the first things I've seen that is positive-poly. Perhaps it will strike a chord with you, and you'll find out something about yourself you never thought about before. Or maybe you'll just become more firm in your desire to be monogamous once you find a life partner. Or maybe it'll just give you something to think about. Any way you look at it, I think this is a good idea for everyone.

Also on everyone's reading list should be Speaking Dreams by Severna Park. It's a sci-fi book with an interesting plot and a lesbian love interest. I liked it (as did many other people, I think it earned a Lambda Literary Award). And, obviously, I recommend it.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to list now...if you want more book ideas, let me know and I'll try to find them.
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