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So...I really think I should do this too...

...because really, you'd think the mod of this community would have had the balls (or female equivalent) to go first.

That being said, most of you do, in fact, know me already. So a lot of what I say will be...repetition, or perhaps clarification, which can indeed be a good thing.


My name (in real life when I'm not playing God...although I do that anyway...) is Elisabeth. I'm a 20-year old, bisexual female. A true "50/50" in fact, in that I do not find one gender more attractive than the other physically. I tended to like how guys thought more, but that was back when I was assuming that they did so. Now I'm not so sure anyone thinks on this whole rotten planet but me and a few of my close friends.

Sorry, I'm having a bad night (week, month...yeah, just about a month). Usually I'm a much more upbeat-type person.

Anyway, to continue: I'm recently single, and currently considering both never dating again and polyamory. Yes, that seems like a paradox. If you want me to try to explain, feel free to ask.

I'm a student at the University of Washington, studying for a degree in Chemistry and possibly Chemical Engineering. Yes, there's a lot of overlap. That's why I think it's a good idea.

I sing in a gay/straight alliance youth chorus named Diverse Harmony. I'm a first soprano, which means I can hit the notes above the staff. And I'm damn proud of it, too. I would like a solo, although I never seem to get one.

Currently, I am sick. Mild fever, slight sore throat. In fact, my biggest complaint is that the part of my throat that I can see seems to be growing tentacles. It looks disgusting. I hope it goes away before I get worried enough to risk going to a doctor (who could tell me that it is, indeed, life-ending...although right now that doesn't sound too bad [ref. "recently single" above]).

I'm about to move into the third apartment that I'm planning to live in on my own (the second one actually contained the ex-boyfriend I'm so torn up over, but I was not planning to move in with him until almost after it happened). I would rather have roommates, but I can't find anyone I would want to live with who wants to live with me. And I refuse to live with someone who doesn't fit that criteria. I'm picky like that.

You know, I just realized this is all probably more than any of you wanted or needed for an intro entry. So I'm going to stop. Comment if you want more (or if you wanted less, but be nice about that...).
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