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An explanation

Since I seem to be alone in here, I'll post again, just so it looks like there's more activity. Plus, I think a lot of people probably want the name of this community explained.

Closet monsters is a name that came to me while I was at the GALA (that's Gay And Lesbian Association, for those of you who don't know) choir festival. I was in an audience, and I started thinking: Why are queer people so feared by the mainstream community? I mean, it's not like we attack anyone, we don't tell anyone that they're wrong (well...that's a different issue, and it largely happens within the community...), we just want to love different types of people or be different types of people. And that's when I realized something that's either quite profound or quite stupid.

Queers come out of the closet.

And, when you think about it, there's only one other being that comes out of the closet: monsters. So perhaps this fear of queers is simply a deep-seated unconsious childhood fear about things that come out of closets. By "coming out of the closet" we tie ourselves to the most horrific, frightening thing that people experience in their early lives.

And, as soon as I realized that, I also realized that the "closet" metaphor will never go away. It's too entrenched and much too convenient to explain a very difficult situation.

So...with that in mind, I decided that the best way to fix the situation was to create a community...of Closet Monsters. Beings who had been in a closet at one point, perhaps were still in the closet, but who were also people. Instead of rejecting the monster association, we would stress it, if only to juxtapose the truth against the horrible misconceptions. Maybe in forcing people to realize their unconcious associations, we could also force them to drop those associations.

And, if all that fails, at least it should be a good place for a bunch of queer and queer friendly people to get together and talk to each other.

That is, of course, if anybody but me actually joins. Because otherwise it's just me, talking to myself. And as entertaining as I find that...well, just join, okay?
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